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A Perfect Choice for Ecommerce Websites

With so many content management systems (CMSs) out there, it can get challenging to decide which one to opt for. Generally speaking, companies prefer to choose feature-rich content management systems that help their businesses stand out from their competitors. And when it comes to talking about ecommerce websites, Kentico clearly stands out as the top choice for businesses worldwide.

The most important factors that companies look at when deciding their choice of CMS developmemt services include scalability, support, usability, and functionality. Once you have identified what you want in your CMS, you can then figure out what type of pricing model suits you.

This article explores Kentico CMS and explains why it’s the best option for ecommerce websites.

What is Kentico CMS?

Kentico is a leading provider of content management systems (CMS) and digital marketing solutions, offering a robust platform for businesses to manage their online content and digital marketing campaigns efficiently.

You can use Kentico to create, customize, and maintain websites and digital experiences with ease. The platform provides a user-friendly interface coupled with powerful tools for content creation, publishing, and analytics, empowering businesses to deliver engaging online experiences to their audiences.

Kentico CMS development services bring together content management capabilities and digital marketing into a unified platform. This makes it a lot easier for your site management team to collect and present digital information in such a way as to deliver unique and personalized user experiences.

In a bid to keep up with the rapidly changing market landscape, Kentico came up with an innovative idea. They decided to transform their conventional CMS tool into a digital experience platform (DXP). As a result, Kentico Software developed one of the best content management systems, Kentico Xperience.

What is Kentico Xperience?

Kentico Xperience, formerly known as Kentico top content management system, is an advanced digital experience platform (DXP) that builds upon the foundation of Kentico’s CMS capabilities. It offers a comprehensive suite of features to enable businesses to create personalized, omnichannel digital experiences for their customers.

Kentico Xperience combines content management, digital marketing, e-commerce, and customer experience management into a single platform, providing businesses with the tools they need to deliver seamless and engaging experiences across various digital channels.

With its robust functionality and flexibility, Kentico Xperience empowers you to drive customer engagement, increase conversions, and achieve your digital marketing goals effectively.

Why Choose Kentico for Ecommerce?

Kentico has become the top choice for companies looking to build ecommerce websites. Here is a list of reasons why that is the case:

  1. Collaboration

Corporations usually require several teams to collaborate to achieve a commercial target, such as setting up an online business via an ecommerce store. The idea behind cross-functional teams is that different people from various backgrounds bring a wide range of skill sets to a project.

In real life, though, this collaboration can seem challenging, especially with regard to ecommerce web development. However, Kentico CMS makes collaboration a breeze by offering role-based access control (RBAC) to users.

Kentico allows administrators to define roles and permissions for different users or teams. This means that specific teams can be granted access to certain areas of the e-commerce store based on their roles and responsibilities. For example, developers may have access to the backend for coding and customization, while content editors manage product descriptions and marketing content.

  1. Security

Cyber security in businesses is one of the topmost concerns of any company in the world. As the rise of AI and other advanced technologies make cyber threats more complex, businesses are sparing no efforts to secure their cyber spaces.

When it comes to content management systems, Kentico CMS is right at the top of the list. It has a unique security architecture that provides users with fine-grained access management. You can use a single admin interface to set up permissions for multiple applications.

  1. Mobile-friendly

The number of smartphone users is roughly around 7 billion. Smartphones have become a necessity, essential for work, leisure, travel, and everything else that comes to mind. This widespread smartphone adoption means that most website visitors visit a website using their phones. As a result, businesses operating in the digital space must ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly.

Here, Kentico becomes very handy as it offers built-in capabilities that allow you to offer your visitor a very dynamic and intuitive user experience (UX). And delivering a good user experience is absolutely necessary for ecommerce enterprises. This is also one of the reasons why you should choose Kentico as your CMS for ecommerce development.

Key Kentico CMS Features

The reason why Kentico is so desirable is its ecommerce-specific features. We have gathered the most important of these features so that you can make a well-informed decision about choosing the best CMS for enterprise or ecommerce web development.

  1. Product Categorization

Kentico empowers ecommerce businesses to organize their products into a hierarchical structure of categories and subcategories. This feature enables customers to easily navigate through the store, discover relevant products, and efficiently browse through various sections.

With flexible categorization options, you can ensure your product catalog is well-organized and user-friendly, thus enhancing the overall shopping experience.

  1. Product Bundling

Kentico offers robust tools for creating and managing product bundles, allowing businesses to package multiple items together and offer them as a single, discounted product. This feature encourages customers to make larger purchases by providing value through bundled pricing.

When you strategically bundle complementary products or accessories, you can increase your average order value and drive sales revenue.

  1. Exclusive Promotions & Discounts

Kentico’s promotion and discount management capabilities enable you to create targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain customers. Whether it’s offering percentage discounts, BOGO deals, or coupon code promotions, Kentico CMS gives you the flexibility to implement a wide range of promotional strategies.

As a result, you can run exclusive promotions and discounts to incentivize purchases, drive customer loyalty, and boost overall sales performance.

  1. Ecommerce API

Kentico’s ecommerce API facilitates seamless integration with third-party systems and services, allowing businesses to extend and customize their e-commerce functionality according to their specific needs.

This API-driven approach enables integration with payment gateways, shipping providers, CRM solutions, and other essential tools, thereby ensuring a streamlined and efficient e-commerce ecosystem.

When you have access to a comprehensive set of APIs, you can leverage Kentico’s ecommerce platform as a foundation for building scalable and personalized e-commerce experiences.

  1. Digital Codes

Kentico supports the sale and management of digital products and services, including digital codes, licenses, subscriptions, and downloads. Whether it’s selling software licenses, digital gift cards, or access to online courses, Kentico provides the necessary infrastructure to monetize digital assets effectively.

Kentico allows you to diversify your product offerings, reach new customer segments, and capitalize on the growing demand for digital product development in the online marketplace.

  1. Faceted Search

Another amazing feature of Kentico is its faceted search functionality. It enhances the discoverability of products by enabling customers to refine their search results based on various attributes and filters.

With faceted filtering options such as price range, brand, size, color, and more, customers can quickly narrow down their search and find the products that best match their preferences. This intuitive search experience improves user engagement, increases conversion rates, and fosters customer satisfaction.

  1. Content Management

Kentico is, after all, a robust content management system. It empowers businesses to create, manage, and publish engaging content alongside their product listings.

You can attract and engage customers at every stage of the buying journey. Whether it’s publishing blog articles, product guides, or multimedia content, Kentico provides the tools to deliver compelling content that drives traffic, enhances SEO, and generates leads.

  1. Personalization & Marketing Automation

Kentico’s personalization and marketing automation features enable you to deliver targeted content, recommendations, and promotions to individual customers based on their behavior, preferences, and demographics.

As an entrepreneur, you can create personalized shopping experiences that resonate with your audience, increase customer engagement, and drive repeat purchases. Its automated marketing workflows and personalized messaging nurture leads, recover abandoned carts and maximize customer lifetime value. All of these are critical to an ecommerce store’s success.

  1. Omnichannel

Kentico supports multi-channel selling by allowing businesses to sell products across various digital channels, including websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and online marketplaces.

This omnichannel customer service solution enables you to reach customers wherever they are and provide a seamless shopping experience across different touchpoints. You can not only maximize reach but also improve conversion optimization and revenue growth by synchronizing inventory, orders, and customer data across channels.

  1. Order Management

One of the best functionalities of Kentico includes its comprehensive order management capabilities. These capabilities allow you to efficiently process orders, manage inventory, track shipments, handle returns, and provide exceptional customer support.

From order fulfillment to post-purchase engagement, Kentico provides the tools and workflows to streamline every aspect of the order lifecycle.

As a result, you can improve operational efficiency, reduce fulfillment errors, and deliver a superior customer experience that fosters loyalty and advocacy.


Kentico CMS is one of the best options for developing an e-commerce website. Its wide range of features and capabilities are what make it the best CMS platform for e-commerce ventures.

Xavor offers Kentico CMS development solutions as part of its enterprise web presence solutions. If you want any assistance with implementing Kentico, contact us at [email protected]. Our team will provide a free consultation session to understand your goals and guide you in achieving them most effectively.

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