Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Bharat rice supply an election stunt: G.R. Anil

The Centre’s decision to distribute Bharat rice has not gone down well with the State government that has termed the move an “election stunt” and a breach of federal principles.

The National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation (NCCF) has commenced sale of rice at a rate of ₹29 a kg with the agency reportedly mulling plans to open 200 outlets across the State for distribution.

In a statement, Mr. Anil alleged the move was in violation of the National Food Security Act that mandates the distribution of food grains through ration outlets that operated under State governments. He questioned the need to distribute the rice outside the robust public distribution system that is in effect in Kerala.

He also criticised the Centre for allegedly forcing 57% of the people of the State out of the ration system. It had also slashed the tide-over allocation of food grains that used to be distributed among the non-priority sections.

Moreover, the Centre has potentially weakened the State’s market intervention efforts by barring it from procuring food grains through the Open Market Sale Scheme.

Meanwhile, ration dealers flagged shortcomings in the distribution system of Bharat rice. All Kerala Retail Ration Dealers’ Association claimed very few people have received the rice since the launch of the supply in Thrissur. There is no system in place to ensure the food grains reached deserving sections, they added.

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