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BJP seeks ‘stringent action’ against Rahul Gandhi over his EVM remark | India News

NEW DELHI: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday wrote to Election Commission (ED) demanding stringent action against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his “election can’t be won without EVM” remark.
Underlining Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the Ramalia rally in Delhi, BJP claimed that Rahul Gandhi said several things “which are very objectionable”.
“Today, we presented several issues before the EC…One, yesterday INDIA alliance meeting was held at Ramlila Maidan.There, Rahul Gandhi said several things which are very objectionable with serious implications,” said Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri.
“He said ‘This is a fixed match’…He also said that the government has its own people in the EC and the elections can’t be won without EVM…He also said that the rights provided by the Indian Constitution are being snatched away,” Puri said while lashing out at the Congress scion.
Retorting to Rahul Gandhi’s remark that if BJP returns to power the Constitution would be abandoned, Puri said, “We don’t know which worker said that…He also posted on ‘X’ and ‘Instagram’ an image of PM Modi and alleged that the PM said that he will give his life to save rapists…Such a low-level political discourse. We can understand his frustration. His INDI alliance is breaking. We told the Election Commission that mere notice is not enough, stringent action needs to be taken.”
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday accused that the BJP of engaging in match-fixing by ‘choosing umpires’ and ‘putting players behind bars’ ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.
Addressing the INDIA bloc’s mega rally at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, the former Congress chief said this is not an ordinary election but one to save the country’s democracy and Constitution.
He claimed that if the BJP wins the election through match-fixing and changes the Constitution, then the country would not be saved and “there will be fire everywhere”.
“When umpires are pressurised, players are bought, and captains are threatened to win matches, it is called match-fixing in cricket. We have Lok Sabha polls before us; umpires were chosen by PM Modi. Two players from our team have been arrested before the match,” said the Congress leader said. “This election is not just about votes it is to save the country and the Constitution,” he added.
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