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‘Ensure safety of women first, give guarantees later’: Himanta Biswa Sarma’s dig at Priyanka Gandhi | India News

BHARATPUR: Taking a dig at Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi over the ‘guarantees’ offered by the Congress in Rajasthan ahead of the November 25 polls, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that Priyanka needs to ensure safety of women in Rajasthan first and give ‘guarantees’ later.
“Priyanka Gandhi who comes here time and again, keeps saying that she is giving guarantees.Give guarantees later, first ensure the safety of women in Rajasthan,” Himanta said while campaigning at Rajasthan’s Nadbai on Monday.
The Assam Chief Minister said while the Congress leaders kept fighting among themselves in Rajasthan, the state topped the country in the number of cases of atrocities against women.
“(Sachin) Pilot kept fighting with (Ashok) Gehlot and Gehlot with Pilot. In the meantime, Rajasthan topped in the number of cases of atrocities against women. Every day women are being tortured in Rajasthan,” Himanta said taking a quip at the clashes between the Rajasthan Chief Minister and his former Deputy whose feud has been out in the open throughout the former’s tenure.
Himanta said that he has lost faith in the word ‘guarantee’ as Priyanka has repeatedly spoken of ‘guarantees’ in her poll campaign.
“You have said guarantee so many times that I have lost faith in the word ‘guarantee’ itself. You have kept on giving guarantees but question papers was leaked 19 times and poor youths do not get employment,” he said.
Lauding the achievement of the Narendra Modi government on the economic front, the Assam Chief Minister said, “Today our India has left Britain behind. It has become the fifth-largest economy in the world. Modi has guaranteed that in 2039 our country will be world’s third largest economy.”
Himanta expressed confidence that if Prime Minister Narendra Modi stays in power for another 10 years, India will leave back USA and China, in terms of economic size, and will become the ‘vishwa guru’.
“I believe that if Modi remains Prime Minister for the next ten years then India will leave the America and China behind and become the ‘vishwa guru’,” he said.
The campaign for the November 25 elections in Rajasthan is peaking with leaders criss-crossing the state and addressing rallies.
Polling will be held to elect a new assembly in Rajasthan on November 25. Counting of votes will be held on December 3 along with four other states.

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