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‘God Freed Me’: Ex-New Ager Flees Witchcraft, Is Now Reaching Millions With Jesus

An ex-New Ager who abandoned witchcraft and the occult is now sharing her love of Jesus with the masses.

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Writer and internet personality Tailah Scroggins recently told CBN’s Faithwire about her fascinating journey out of the occult and into Christian ministry, speaking specifically about her belief in the power and importance of deliverance.

“Deliverance ministry is the ministry of Jesus, casting out demons,” Scroggins said at the red carpet premiere of “Nefarious,” a new horror-thriller movie about possession and spiritual warfare. “Deliverance was huge in my testimony. God freed me from so much.”

Scroggins described herself as an “ex-New Ager” who was an astrologer — until she found Christ.

“Jesus picked me up out of all of that and set me free from depression and anxiety,” she said. “God can free you and He’s what you’ve been searching for. That hole in your heart, a relationship isn’t gonna fill it, drugs isn’t gonna fill it, going to all the false spirituality … Jesus is what you’re searching for.”

And now Scroggins is using her own journey to spiritual liberation to help inspire other young people.

“I’m so passionate about deliverance ministry,” she said. “That’s what I do online and in person.”

Scroggins said she was excited to attend the “Nefarious” premiere, noting spiritual warfare is a “hot topic” that “needs to be addressed.”

“I’m so glad the church is having this conversation,” she said.

Scroggins, who does much of her ministry online, described seeing a lot of young people on social media during the pandemic struggle with depression and hopelessness.

That’s when started posting videos to TikTok and other platforms — and people responded in a big way.

“Millions of people started watching the videos and writing in and saying, ‘I threw my crystals away. I threw my tarot cards away. I’m free from depression,’” she said. “It’s really cool to see what the Lord is doing through online ministry.”

Here’s more of her story.

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