Friday, June 14, 2024
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Google Should Give Us Pixel Maker

In 2013, I can’t tell you how many Moto X smartphones Kellen and I were buying, thanks to the introduction of MotoMaker. It was a website that allowed buyers to customize Moto X smartphones, which would then get produced right here in the US, then shipped to our home. There were amazing choices, such as leather and wood backs, as well as various colors to play with. It was honestly great times.

MotoMaker is long gone, but hear me out — Pixel Maker. A Google-backed service that allows you to customize Pixel phones with all sorts of backsides and colors. That would be so slick, right? Kellen and I are both sentimental people, so we’re always discussing how much we miss our old bamboo and Horween leather-backed Motorola phones. It would be amazing to relive that coolness and be able to design a Pixel phone to our liking.

To be honest, phone color options are pretty boring these days. They’re all muted and named terribly. Remember the OG Pixel that was actually blue? Whatever happened to vivid and bright colors? My request is that Google (or even Samsung could do Galaxy Maker) bring back a custom phone designer and let the people have some fun. Even if it’s just for one year and loses them some money. Big whoop, doesn’t Google have 2 trillion or something? We don’t care if they lose a little money making us happy.

Imagine, the Pixel 9 Pro featuring a leather or ebony wood back? I’d pay extra for that and I know I’m not the only one. It’s probably too late to happen this year, but in 2025, we’ll have the Pixel X (10) and the company better have something insane planned.

Who wants to start the online petition?