Friday, June 14, 2024
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High Court Orders Expanded Probe into Nursing Colleges In Madhya Pradesh

High Court Orders Expanded Probe into Nursing Colleges In Madhya Pradesh


The Madhya Pradesh High Court has directed an expanded and detailed investigation into the recognition practices of nursing colleges in the state. The decision came following multiple applications seeking modifications to a previous court order dated September 28, 2022.

Initially, the court had ordered a comprehensive CBI inquiry into the activities of the Indian Nursing Council, MP Medical Science University, and MP Nursing Council up to the year 2017. However, modifications were deemed necessary after it was highlighted that the MP Nursing Council was constituted only in 2018. Consequently, the court has extended the inquiry period to include the 2020-21 academic session to ensure thoroughness and accuracy in the investigation process.

This adjustment aims to eliminate any confusion and to ensure a meticulous examination of the recognition processes of nursing colleges, particularly those that closed mid-session.

Furthermore, in addressing concerns related to student enrollment in nursing colleges, the court clarified that students from deficient colleges should be permitted to participate in examinations for the 2020-21 session. Enrollment for subsequent sessions will be considered once exams for those sessions are scheduled.

Emphasizing the vital role of practical training in nursing education, the court has also ordered a reinspection of 169 colleges previously cleared by the CBI. This decision comes amid serious allegations of bribery involving CBI officials who were found accepting bribes from some colleges in exchange for favorable reports.

To ensure the integrity of the reinspection process, the court has mandated that CBI teams be accompanied by district court registrars authorized by the Principal District Judge of the respective districts. Additionally, all inspections will be videographed to maintain transparency and accountability.

In another significant move, the court has appointed a committee under Retired Justice Shri RK Shrivastava to oversee the standards of practical training in nursing education. This committee is tasked with examining the entire spectrum of practical training, from hospital linkages for practical training to the assessment of learning.

The court has directed that the reinspections commence immediately and be completed within three months to expedite the investigative process and ensure timely action.

In a related development, the High Court has directed the State Government to reconsider the appointment of the Administrator in the MP Nursing Council following a petition challenging the qualifications of the current appointee. The petitioner sought relief for the State Government to evaluate the qualifications of the appointed Administrator, who was appointed as per a prior court order.