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How to Escape Prison in Bitlife

How to escape prison in Bitlife

BitLife – Life Simulator is a unique mobile game that is becoming more and more popular with each day that passes. Compared to the previous year, the reason people are more obsessed with the 2024 version, is its minigames. BitLife, being a game full of many puzzle games, will keep the players involved for hours.

The mini-game demands gamers to prison break from every single one of the game’s prisons. If you have acquired BitLife fondly, you, for sure, know that it is pretty much challenging to escape prison in the game, so many users keep asking questions as to how to escape the prison by solving these tricky trap puzzles.

Bitlife - Gameplay1
Picture: Candywriter LLC, Moana Games

There are three types of jails in BitLife, arranged according to difficulty ranges. Hence the floor plan varies. If you are in lower or medium jails, BitLife, it is very easy to escape, but on the other hand, minimum security prisons will require you to work at all costs to escape.

For instance, consider you are in prison and trying to escape from there, then there will be certain offences added to your present sentence and you will have to spend more years in prison with felonies of attempted escape. Therefore, try it just when you are completely ready since you do not want to be in the position of facing unexpected situations or challenges.


How to Escape Prison In Bitlife 2024 – A Guide

Bitlife - Gameplay2
Picture: Candywriter LLC, Moana Games

There are minigames that you can skip, with little to no consequences other than having to endure another year in the in-game prison. In jail maps, Expensive prisons are designed in a much more complex way with escape routes whereas smaller prisons have the basic plumbing and escape routes. Being in the same cell as the other inmates, there are both new puzzles and old ones. An officer or guard looking for escapees will most likely put the prisoners in a maximum-security prison.

As for the main part, there is a security officer on the chessboard and he will make two moves for any move you make. Not only does he face the opposite direction on the board but he actually moves two squares in either direction and they are the moves that go diagonally towards your square and start horizontally second.

The prison guard can pump some time into your sentence by snapping you while you are escaping, and further years will be added if they catch you trying run-away.

The trick here is to lock the security guard in so that his movement is limited and permits you to evade prison Beatlife. There will be three side door options in Bitlife Prison beside your cage so you can eventually find an escape. If the wall prevents the rook’s move in the move set, the side that is checked will not pose a threat to the current movement in the prison map layout.

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If Our Characters Fail to Escape, then What is the Outcome?

Bitlife - Gameplay3
Picture: Candywriter LLC, Moana Games

The player will be playing a game where they can stop the game by not taking part in a minigame that starts when the game starts. If the player is bold and attempts to flee from the room, they have to beat through the guard and get through the exit.

As the escape attempt fails and a guard catches the player or the player, being optionally able to surrender at any moment of even the first step toward freedom, they are shoved back into their cell, only this time with a longer sentence on their file due to the new felony charge for “Attempted escape” or other serious crimes.

If the player succeeds, it is by regaining his liberties, including the possibility of winning Houdini ribbons as a special achievement. In addition, even though they may find themselves well within the legal bounds of employment in a job, they might be handicapped from holding down another job due to their record of misconduct.

Leaving illegally to another country, the character is an escape-convict, there will be no crime tracked until the person returns back to the original town. Keep up with the official sites for more information on prison maps, prison layout, prison riots, paroles, jailbreaks and other achievements.

You can download the game here.

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