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How to get the Two-Hander Greatsword in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The bigger the sword, the harder they fall, everybody knows that right? Well, if you are starting out in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and you have picked the Warrior Vocation as your chosen path, you are going to need a big two-handed weapon to be taken seriously in this game.

So let’s go and fetch one.

How to find the Two-Hander

You need the Two-Hander to complete the Vocation Quest so it is not an option. To locate it we are going to have to head to a location called Trevo Mine, which, coincidentally also houses the special weapon for the Sorcerer Vocation in a different area of its map.

You can check out the location of Trevo Mine on the map below, but just know it lies west of Vernworth. When you begin to close in on it you should a horde of Goblins guarding an entrance. As much as you might not like to think that’s where you are going, it obviously is. Unlucky.

A map showing the location of the Two Hander in Dragon's Dogma 2

To enter you will have to kill them all, which as long as you are careful you should manage easily enough. Head inside and take the upper path to the top floor of the mine.

Here you are looking for a room that has a small chest in the center – this contains the Two-Hander. If you are struggling, the room has three doors.

Collect the sword from the chest and travel back to Vernworth where you can now take the Warrior Vocation at the Vocations Guild.

If you collect other vocation weapons on your travels you can switch between Vocations. As we said the Sorcerer’s Staff is in the lower area of the same mine, so you may want to pick that one up at some point in the future as well.

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