Friday, February 23, 2024
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Indian mapping company gets Saudi contract for 3D digital twin mapping of Mecca | India News

NEW DELHI: In a big boost for the Indian mapping industry, desi company Genesys International’s subsidiary in Saudi Arabia has been awarded a contract for the 3D digital twin mapping of the holy city of Mecca by Saudi Arabia.
The pioneering project awarded to Genesys subsidiary, Genesys Middle East Ltd, is valued at Rs 26 crore and marks a historic venture into using digital twin mapping technology for urban planning, modelling and monitoring, a company statement said.“The contract stipulates the completion of the project within six months from the Letter of Award (LoA), aligning with the goal to use cutting-edge technology. This is a large validation of Genesys’ proprietary platform, Oyster 3D Maps, for the high-precision mapping endeavour. The scope includes crucial aspects such as crowd management, disaster management and planning for one of the most visited spots in the world,” the statement said.
Sajid Malik, CMD of Genesys International, said, “The digital twin of the holy shrine of Mecca is a great responsibility, and our team’s expertise and dedication aim to make it a great testament to our technology platform. We look forward to contributing significantly to Saudi Arabia’s growing infrastructure landscape and continuing to provide exceptional value to the government and our clients.”
In addition to the Mecca project, Genesys has successfully completed the 3D indoor mapping of 27 airports for the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of Saudi Arabia. The company is actively engaged in ongoing projects with GeoSa, the national mapping authority of Saudi Arabia, and NEOM.
Om Hemrajani, principal at Genesys International, said, “This is a great progress for our Saudi Arabia practice. We are increasingly being trusted with important landmark projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which we hope to scale in the coming quarters.”
In India, Genesys has already launched the new India map stack, targeting advanced platforms in consumer, logistics, automotive and infrastructure areas. Recently, Genesys had announced a strategic tie-up with Survey of India (SoI) for a three-dimensional (3D) digital twin-mapping programme in the country.

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