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Myawati border trade is suspended due to the fighting : Myanmar

Myawati border trade is suspended due to the fighting : Myanmar

Border traders said that because of the closure of No. 2 Friendship Bridge in Myawati Township, which is important for the Thai-Myanmar border trade, since yesterday, bilateral trade has been suspended.

On April 11th, after the KNLA joint forces captured Myawati City Guard Khlara 275, the military council soldiers who fled from there retreated near Friendship Bridge No. 2 and closed the bridge on the Thai side from their camp site yesterday, local residents said.

“There is an exit from Myawadi, but there is no entry, so if there is a problem with the flow of goods, the price will go up.”

Yesterday morning, some cars going to enter Thailand were allowed to pass, but exports, A local businessman, who did not want to be named for security reasons, told RFA that import businesses have not yet reopened.

“A bridge was opened this morning. There is little traffic. There are no trucks coming. It is open for the car that will return to the Thai side. Exports are also stopped. I listened. Importers are also unable to import goods from Thailand to Myanmar.

Mr. Kriengkrai Thiennukul, chairman of the Thai Industry Association, told the Bangkok Post yesterday that the Thai-Myanmar border trade, which has an annual trade of one billion Thai baht, may be reduced due to armed conflicts. He added that due to this consequence, Myanmar may face a shortage of goods.

A trader in Myawati, who did not want to be named for further security reasons, told RFA that since the flow of goods has stopped, prices may rise.

“As soon as it is closed, the unloading of goods has stopped completely. I can’t cross this side anymore. How can I do it now that everything is closed? The price of baht also rose. Transportation is already difficult, so I had to leave from Myawati. Since I can’t enter anymore, the flow of goods, If it’s difficult to come and go, the price will go up.”

RFA contacted Minister of Economy U Saw Khin Maung Myint, who is Karen State spokesman for the military council, but he did not answer the phone.

Myawati residents said that the Karen National Army (KNA) forces, which have been transformed from the Border Guard, patrolled and provided security in Myawati town this morning.

A member of the KNLA joint force told RFA that the fighting between the two sides, which is four miles away from Myawati town, has been quiet since last night.

“As of this morning, their reconnaissance planes are still flying. Yesterday, we cleared 275 bodies. He took the remaining weapons. Especially the mines are cleared. There is no battle yet. A scout plane is flying.”

Along the Thai-Myanmar border, Tachilek, Myawati Kawthaung tassel umbrella There are border trading posts such as Mau Taung, but the Myawati border trading post is more important among them, border traders said.

According to information from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Military Council, Myawati border trade, which exports the most agricultural products and household goods, in the 2023-2024 fiscal year. As of February this year, border trade has reached nearly 1100 million US dollars.

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