Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Namma Metro women security staff allege harassment

A group of women working with the Security Division of Namma Metro have alleged sexual harassment by their senior. The victims filed a complaint with the Subramanyanagar police seeking legal action.

The victims, serving as security personnel, have filed a complaint against the Assistant Section Officer Gajendra alleging sexual harassment and misconduct. The complaint accuses Gajendra of using obscene language, touching them in an inappropriate manner and sexual harassment. The victims were allegedly threatened with false cases and transfers if they protested against his misbehaviour. The complaint also accused the owner of the security agency, alleging pressuring the victims into silence.

Unable to bear the harassment, one of the security guards at the station stepped forward to highlight the misconduct. The complaint outlined several instances of harassment, including verbal abuse and overtures gestures.

The matter was brought to the notice of the BMRCL officials, who assured to conduct a detailed probe and take necessary action.

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