Friday, June 14, 2024
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Panic in Majorca as island suddenly realises no British tourists isn’t such a good idea | World | News

A shocking new survey has revealed that the recent eruption of anti-tourism protests across Majorca is putting Brits off visiting the Spanish Island. 

According to local news outlet the Majorca Daily Bulletin, roughly 44 percent of people will now think twice before holidaying in Majorca. 

Last week, 15,000 Majorcans took to the streets of Palma to call for more affordable housing and fewer holiday homes as the island continues to suffer from an overtourism problem.

This has caused many businesses to worry about whether they will be able to make enough money this summer as tourism is their main source of income.

The local news outlet reported that some resorts, including the popular Magaluf, are “unusually quiet” for this time of year as we head into summer. 

The small island’s economy heavily relies on tourism, and so despite the protests, local authorities maintain that British holidaymakers are welcome.

Britain is the second biggest contributor to tourism in Majorca after Germany, and the latest government figures revealed that tourist spending in the country has increased by more than 22 percent compared with 2023.

This has angered locals, who have reportedly organised more protests to fight for a limit on the number of tourists due to overcrowding. 

The recent demonstration in Palma was organised by Banc del Temps and the group’s spokesperson Javier Barbero warned: “This is just the start of things. If measures aren’t taken we will continue taking to the streets until we see action.”

Another campaign group called Menys Turisme, Mes Vida (Less Tourism, More Life) has threatened to “collapse” Palma de Mallorca Airport, which hosted 31 million passengers last year.

It said it could do this by causing a traffic gridlock outside the airport, but Jaume Bauza, the tourism minister for the Balearic Islands, responded furiously to these claims.

He said: “It is a proposal that has no place within a society like the one we live in today, a measure that is currently classified as a crime.”

They have also suggested blocking the main port and other tourism hotspots such as the Calo des Moro and Es Trenc beaches.