Thursday, May 23, 2024
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PM Modi will win from Varanasi with resounding margin, says Tamil Nadu BJP chief Annamalai | India News

MUMBAI: Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party president K Annamalai on Wednesday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the work he has done in Varanasi and said that the Prime Minister will win the Lok Sabha elections with a “resounding margin.”
Speaking to ANI, the Tamil Nadu BJP president said that the people of Varanasi, can very proudly claim that the city has undergone a complete transformation.
“Previously also we have seen constituencies of Prime Ministers. Can we say that this once constituency (Varanasi) which was for a Prime Minister for five years, it has fundamentally transformed or changed?…Varanasi, can very proudly claim that it has changed completely…PM Modi has shown the world what a prime minister can do to a place…He has done his MP work very faithfully.
“So, after the outpouring of emotions we saw the day before…this time he is going to win with a resounding margin…He is also making all the MPs to commit themselves to commit to same kind of developmental journey that he is doing there,” he said.
Prime Minister Modi on Tuesday filed his nomination papers from Varanasi Lok Sabha seat in Uttar Pradesh. The Prime Minister is seeking a third consecutive term from the constituency and hoping to win with a record margin.
Annamalai further asserted that Mumbai is going to be a clean sweep again for the NDA in the Lok Sabha elections.
“I can sense positivity all around. I think people are clear that this is PM Modi’s election. I think people are clear that this is PM Modi’s election. The vote is for him. Financial capital city like Mumbai, which prides itself on always standing with PM Modi in 2014 and 2019 – I don’t think 2024 is going to be any different. So, I am going to see once more that Maharashtra will do very well for the BJP and NDA and Mumbai is going to be a clean sweep again for the NDA this time,” Annamalai said.
The former Indian Police Service officer further said that the people of Mumbai will think before they vote, as they need “stability and security.”
“Mumbai is one city in our country which has unfortunately borne the brunt of many attacks. Some of the major blasts in our country have happened in Mumbai and a lot of innocent people have lost their lives – one of the major ones being the November 26, 2008 Mumbai attack…It’s a clear-cut case of failure of the government in anticipating, preventing and preparing…I think when we vote in the 2024 elections, it is important that we remember things in context. When you have a strong government, a strong Prime Minister in Delhi who is going to come with an absolute thumping majority and who is going to put country’s interest far ahead of everything else, then cities like Mumbai will always feel safer…It is not very far from places from where terrorists have already come,” Annamalai said.
He further asserted that the NDA has already crossed the majority mark in these four phases of elections.
“In four phases, we have done 380. There are three more phases to go and 163 more to be done. In my personal opinion, we crossed the simple majority a long time ago. Now, the heavyweight constituencies are coming, including in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. I am extremely confident that the numbers we have set–370 for the BJP and 400 for the NDA–are not only realistically possible, we are almost on track to achieve it, and 100 per cent we will achieve it,” he said.
Maharashtra has 48 Lok Sabha seats, the second-largest in the country after Uttar Pradesh. Next, the elections in Maharashtra will be held on May 20. The counting of votes will be held on June 4.