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Rahul Gandhi declares assets of ₹20cr; up 28% since 2019 | India News

Rahul Gandhi received an income of Rs 6cr in the last five years and owns assets valued at Rs 20.4cr. He has 18 criminal cases pending against him, says an affidavit he filed Wednesday in Wayanad. The 18 include the ‘Modi surname’ criminal defamation case in which he was convicted by a Gujarat court but granted relief by SC.
The total value of Rahul’s assets went up by Rs 4.5 cr – a rise of 28.3% – compared to the 2019 elections when he contested from Wayanad for the first time.Rahul had declared movable and immovable assets with a value of Rs 15.9 cr in his affidavit in 2019. While the movable assets amounted to 5.8 cr, the value of immovable assets was Rs 10.1 cr. Rahul’s movable assets went up by Rs 3.4 cr, a rise of 58.6%. The value of immovable assets went up by Rs 1.1 cr, a rise of 10.9%.
The affidavit says that as on March 15, Rahul has Rs 55,000 as cash in hand and Rs 26,25,157 in his two bank accounts – SBI, Parliament House branch and HDFC Bank, Khan Market branch. He holds shares of 25 different companies that have a combined value of Rs 4.3 cr. He also holds seven mutual funds with a combined value of Rs 3.8 cr.
Rahul holds land in co-ownership with sister Priyanka in Mehrauli in New Delhi that has been inherited, but does not have any motor vehicles registered in his name. He also owns 5,838 sqft office space in Gurugram, that he purchased in 2014, which is currently valued approximately at Rs 9 cr.
The total value of Rahul’s movable assets is Rs 9,24,59,264 while that of immovable assets is Rs 11,15,02,598. Rahul’s income sources include rental, MP’s salary, royalty, bank interest, bonds, dividend and capital gains from mutual funds and shares.
Most of the 18 criminal cases against Rahul pertain to alleged defamatory remarks against RSS and BJP or leaders of these organisations.

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