Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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“Rahul Gandhi is not a big leader…”: Congress leader Lakshman Singh

GUNA: Former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijaya Singh‘s brother Lakshman Singh on Sunday said that he does not regard Rahul Gandhi as a prominent leader, emphasizing that greatness is achieved through actions rather than by birth.
The remarks of Lakshman Singh who is also a former Congress MP, came after a reporter at a press conference in Guna questioned his views on Rahul Gandhi not being highlighted much on TV when Waynand MP makes a statement in the Lok Sabha.
“Rahul Gandhi is just a party worker. He is just an MP, apart from that he is nothing. You (media) people too should not highlight Rahul Gandhi so much, nor should we. No one becomes a great leader by birth, one becomes great by his/her actions. Don’t consider Rahul Gandhi such a great leader, I don’t,” he said.
He further stated that the status of Rahul Gandhi is equal to that of other parliamentarians, stating, “Rahul Gandhi is an MP. He is just like other Members of Parliament. He is just an ordinary MP.”
Lakshman Singh, a five-time MP and three-time MLA, expressed his perspective on who should be called a leader as he emphasized the importance of accomplishments over inherited status while terming any MP as a leader.
Earlier BJP’s Priyanka Penchi defeated Lakshman Singh from Chachoura assembly seat in Guna district.

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