Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Satellite images do not show significant damage after Israel’s strike on Iran

CNN: Satellite images do not show significant damage after Israel's strike on Iran

The American media network CNN reported that images taken from satellites do not show significant damage in the area targeted by the Israeli drone strike on Iran.

CNN indicated that it received images from Umbra Space that were taken at 10:18 a.m. Friday local time in the area surrounding the Iranian military base near Isfahan, which was targeted by the Israeli marches at dawn on Friday.

The pictures show that there are no traces of major explosions on the ground or destroyed buildings.

The Iranian Fars Agency reported that the radar station located in Al-Qadi’a near Isfahan was one of the possible targets of the Israeli strike, and that it sustained only minor material damage.

Israel had launched the strike on sites inside Iran in response to the recent Iranian missile attack on Israel, which in turn was carried out on April 13 in response to Israel’s targeting of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, where a number of senior officers in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were killed.

According to the information received, the Israeli strike did not result in significant damage to Iranian sites.

The American newspaper “Washington Post” quoted an Israeli official as saying that Tel Aviv was not seeking escalation with Tehran, but rather wanted to send a signal to the Iranian leadership about its ability to target sites deep inside Iran.

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