Friday, June 14, 2024
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She Was Shooting A Reel When A Biker Snatched Her Chain

A videograb showing the moment the Ghaziabad woman was robbed by a motorcyclist

She was walking down a road, smiling for a reel, an explosively popular short video feature, when a motorcyclist entered the scene and snatched her chain, leaving her horrified, showed a video from Uttar Pradesh. 

The incident was reported from Indrapuram in Ghaziabad, a suburb of Delhi

Sushma, dressed in a salwar suit, was shooting for a video for her social media when she was robbed. She could just shout “aye” as the biker, wearing a helmet, sped away. 

The victim has filed a police complaint and a search for the accused biker is underway.    

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