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Terrorists Don’t Play By Rules, So Response Can’t Have Rules: S Jaishankar

Terrorists Don't Play By Rules, So Response Can't Have Rules: S Jaishankar

S Jaishankar spoke about change in India’s foreign policy since 2014 and the way terrorism is dealt with.


External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Friday said there is a change in India’s foreign policy since 2014 and it is the way terrorism is dealt with.

Mr Jaishankar was interacting with youth at an event titled ‘Why Bharat Matters: Opportunity for youth and participation in global scenario’ in Pune.

Asked about which are countries that India finds difficult to maintain relationships with, he said one, Pakistan, was in the neighbourhood and “for that we are only responsible”.

In 1947, Pakistan invaded Kashmir and the Indian Army countered them and the integration of the state took place, he pointed out.

“While the Indian Army was taking its action, we stopped and went to the UN and mentioned the work of tribal invaders instead of terrorism (Lashkar). If we, from the very start, were clear that Pakistan is using terrorism, then would have had a very different policy,” the EAM said.

Terrorism cannot be acceptable under any circumstances,” he asserted.

Asked about continuity in the country’s foreign policy, Mr Jaishankar said, “My answer is yes. There is 50 percent continuity and there is 50 percent change. That one change is on terrorism.”

“After the Mumbai attack, there was not a single person who felt we should not have responded. But it was thought at the time that the cost of attacking Pakistan is more than not attacking Pakistan,” he added.

“If something like Mumbai (26/11) happens now and if one does not react then how does one prevent the next attack,” Mr Jaishankar asked.

“Terrorists should not feel since they are across the border, no one can touch them. Terrorists do not play by any rules so the answer to the terrorists cannot have any rules,” he said.

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