Thursday, May 23, 2024
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This 65W Robot Charger is My New Bestie

I have accumulated many, many chargers over the years. For the most part, I don’t think about them all too much, as they are just something that I plug my phone into. Not much to think about, right? Not any longer, as UGREEN decided it would be a nifty idea to slap a face on one and now it’s my new charging bestie.

UGREEN recently introduced these “Robot” chargers. They have a small LED display that shows an emoji based on what the charger is doing. For example, if it’s actively providing juice, it will show a kissy face. If your device is done, it looks like it’s snoozing. As you can imagine, adding a cute face to a charger is a total game changer.

On the tech side, it’s a really good charger, too. These feature GaNFast technology, capable of 95% energy conversion efficiency, which are fancy words for less energy loss and lower temperatures while charging. It’s essentially the opposite of what many of us experience with the wireless charging experience, which is horribly inefficient and prone to overheating.

The 65W model features three ports: 1 USB A port, plus 2 USB C ports. The top USB C port supports 65W charging, the bottom supports 30W, and the USB A port is listed at a max of 22.5W. When using the ports simultaneously, those numbers differ.

As if you needed more cuteness, when the charger is not plugged in, it has little shoes to keep its prongs damage free. And when in use, those same shoes are magnetic for ensuring you don’t lose them. I find myself sticking them to my MacBook’s lid.

Follow the link below to get a new charger best friend.

Amazon Links: 65W 3-Port ($37) | 30W USB C ($18)