Thursday, May 23, 2024
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This ring on Kickstarter lets you talk to an AI assistant by whispering

An innovation from CES 2024 that largely went unnoticed is the WIZPR ring, a wearable that gives you access to AI assistants at your fingertips… literally.

The WIZPR, currently on Kickstarter, is a ring that allows you to interact with AI assistants by whispering commands with no wake words like “Hey Google,” and no button presses. The ring automatically goes into a listening mode when it’s brought closer to your mouth.

According to the company’s campaign on Kickstarter, users will be able to talk to AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, “and more” without having to reach for their phone. Additionally, users would also be able to use the ring to control their smart home devices.

At launch, the ring will reportedly support six languages, including English, Spanish, French, Korean, German and Japanese.

The ring also has an emergency feature that can send the wearer’s location to preset contacts if needed, paired with an audible sound cue to help rescuers locate the wearer.

The ring will be available in eight sizes, and will reportedly have a 10-hour battery life. It will be available in ‘Black’ and ‘Silver’ colourways.

On Kickstarter, the ring is available to back for $139 (roughly $189 CAD). Learn more about it here.

Image credit: WIZPR

Source: WIZPR

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