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U.S. House of Representatives urges legislation to stop forced organ harvesting in China

U.S. House of Representatives urges legislation to stop forced organ harvesting in China

Since the independent tribunal investigating China’s forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience ruled that China’s serious human rights violations were conclusive, China has not been afraid of international pressure and has continued to carry out this atrocity, which has also aroused the concern of U.S. lawmakers. On Wednesday, U.S. representatives urged the Senate to pass legislation as soon as possible to stop China’s atrocities.

The International Alliance to End China’s Abuse of Organ Transplantation established an independent people’s tribunal in 2014 to investigate China’s forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience. As early as 2019, the independent tribunal ruled that the evidence of the Chinese government’s long-term practice of forced organ harvesting was conclusive and that China had committed crimes against humanity. However, the Chinese authorities have ignored international pressure and intensified their efforts.

The U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) held a hearing on Wednesday (March 20) on China’s forced organ harvesting, a human rights violation. The chairman of the committee, Republican Congressman Chris Smith, bluntly stated at the beginning that China’s industrialized large-scale organ harvesting atrocities are as evil as the horrific crimes committed by dictators such as Hitler and Stalin.

“Today, I am announcing the launch of an initiative to seek first-hand witness information about forced organ harvesting in China, hoping that they will come forward and tell the true story. They will be anonymous to protect their identities.” He said: “Today During the hearing, I also asked the Chinese Embassy to allow me to lead a delegation to Xinjiang immediately. I hope the Chinese will respond and show an open attitude because they claim they have nothing to hide.”

Ethan Gutmann, a China researcher at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, told the committee that just as Falun Gong practitioners were once the primary victims of forced organ harvesting in China, Xinjiang’s education camp system is now linked to this human rights violation. Behavior binding.

He also pointed out that he has seen a large amount of evidence that in Xinjiang education camps, the Chinese authorities conduct blood type and DNA tests on Uyghurs in good health in the age group of 23 to 35 years old under the guise of health examinations. and mark it further. In addition, students under the age of 35 who receive “re-education” usually leave the re-education camps earlier and their whereabouts are unknown.

He said: “The passage of the “Suppression of Forced Organ Harvesting Act” will prompt the international organ transplant community to no longer regard research and investigations on organ harvesting in China as inflammatory or deal-breaking behavior, but as Seen as an act of seeking justice for those young people.”

Out of concern about China’s human rights violations, members of both parties in the U.S. Congress jointly proposed the Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act in the House and Senate. This legislation is regarded as the first step in the history of any country. The most powerful legislation to combat the atrocity of illegal forced organ harvesting. The bill authorizes the Secretary of State to refuse to issue passports and visas to any individual involved in illegal organ trafficking in China and around the world. It also requires the State Department to issue an annual report on forced organ harvesting worldwide, and authorizes enforcement against individuals and entities that assist in forced organ harvesting. sanctions.

Matthew Robertson, co-author of “Organ Procurement Enforcement: Violating China’s Dead Donor Rules,” said that although Chinese authorities introduced reforms to voluntary organ donation in 2014, the data supporting this official statement has been Proved to be a forgery.

“Given Beijing’s consistent approach to propaganda and information control, especially around issues it deems sensitive, we have every reason to believe atrocities are continuing today,” he said.

To end this atrocity by the Chinese authorities, Robertson urges the U.S. Congress to require an audit of funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation and the U.S. National Institutes of Health over the past 20 years to discover whether medical entities involved in China’s forced organ harvesting industry have received federal funding.

Maya Mitalipova, director of the Human Stem Cell Laboratory at MIT’s Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, warned that Chinese authorities are using global companies to obtain DNA sequencing data and improve their world’s largest DNA database, The DNA technology of the American company Thermo Fisher is also serving the CCP.

Currently, the Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act has passed the House of Representatives, and Chairman Smith urges the Senate to take further action.

“This is an ongoing fight to demand transparency, justice and an end to this gross violation of human rights. If we don’t act now, many more lives will be lost,” he said.

(The above audios of congressmen and experts are read by artificial intelligence software)


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