Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Ukraine braces for Russian winter assault on critical energy grid, telecom infrastructure


The president’s appeal to his people came as Russian forces targeted telecommunication infrastructure to cut Ukrainians off from networks.

Last week, the country’s top mobile network operator Kyivstar was hit by the largest cyberattack since the war began in February 2022.

Kyivstar supplies more than half of Ukraine’s population with mobile and internet services.

Users were unable to get mobile signals or access the internet, with effects of the attack lasting at least 48 hours. It also disrupted air raid alert systems, putting millions of people in danger of not receiving alerts of potential Russian air strikes.

Since the invasion, Ukraine has seen a repeat cycle of destruction, restoration, followed by further destruction.

“We have a telecommunications base station that has been restored more than 10 times. It is situated at the border of Russia in the Kharkiv region,” said Mr Oleksandr Ananiev, Vodafone Ukraine’s head of network operations.

“We keep restoring it, but the Russians keep destroying it with mortar shelling. The restoration depends on the specific object (damaged). It can take as little as one day or it might stretch to a week, even two weeks.”

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