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Video Of Passenger’s Heated Argument With Lufthansa Staff In Delhi Goes Viral, Airline Reacts

Video Of Passenger's Heated Argument With Lufthansa Staff In Delhi Goes Viral, Airline Reacts

The video has accumulated more than 620,000 views.

A viral video of a heated argument between a passenger and Lufthansa staff at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport has prompted the airlines to open an investigation into the matter. The video, shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user ‘Ghar Ke Kalesh’, shows the passenger repeatedly asking the ground staff why she was denied boarding the plane. It also shows a Lufthansa ground staff member leaving her cubicle and asking a fellow staff member to call security. 

Notably, the specific reason for the passenger’s denied boarding remains unclear, however, the video has received significant attention online and has even caught the attention of Lufthansa Airline. “Kalesh b/w Air lufthansa crew & a passenger for Delhi – Munich – Toronto flights with return ticket (Full context in Clip),” the X user wrote while sharing the video, which has accumulated more than 620,000 views. 

Take a look below: 

In the video, a ground staff member is seen leaving her cubicle and asking a fellow staff member to call security. The passenger, while recording the confrontation on camera, then asks the staff to answer her query. “I am telling you very politely. I am calling the security,” the staff tells the passenger. “What you are doing, that is anyway not allowed. You cannot take the direct flight. If you want to know the rules, go to the German embassy,” the staff says as the passenger continues to film her.

The clip ends with the ground staff calling security and asking the passenger to tone it down. “I have already called security. Ma’am, please wait, you won’t travel,” the staff says. 

The clip was shared on the microblogging site last week. In the comments section, when one user tagged Lufthansa India, the airline responded saying they are investigating the case and are in contact with the people involved. 

Meanwhile, numerous people also flocked to the comments section to share their reactions. 

“There could be a genuine reason to deny boarding to this passenger. But the way she pointed finger on the passenger and using that tone was not at all cool. Imagine you have paid 75k for your ticket and at the airport you are being treated this way. As if she is not calling the security, but a gang of hooligans to scare that person,” wrote one user. 

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“@lufthansa @DGCAIndia – seriously what sort of training are the airlines giving their customers. If this is polite way then god knows what impolite means. Can’t explain her the issue instead want embassy to explain? Is it intentional coz then they won’t refund the tickets also!” said another. 

“How arrogantly she was talking to customer because actually they don’t care, even if customer was wrong but she should have behave politely. I too had faced similar arrogance, so @lufthansa must think to change the staffing agency before it gets too late…” shared a third user. 

“@lufthansa @Lufthansa_India What is harm to guide a customer with proper reason instead of harassing customers.What if someday you will be waiting for customers and customers opt your competitors.Please treat the customers very politely as future is going to be too competitive,” expressed one X user.