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Videos Of Violent Clashes In Ireland Surface Online

Dublin Stabbing: Videos Of Violent Clashes In Ireland Surface Online

Videos on social media showed the chaotic scene in the Irish city.

Violent clashes broke out between police and protesters in Dublin, Ireland, on Thursday, after a knife attack in the capital city earlier in the day left three young children and two adults injured. Videos on social media showed the chaotic scene in the city. While police in riot gear stood guard on the streets in the Irish capital, demonstrators taunted them with chants. They torched vehicles and looted several stores, causing mayhem in the city and halting public transport in wide areas. 

One video on X (formerly Twitter) showed a Dublin Bus ablaze alongside a burning car. Another showed fireworks being set off towards the police by the crowds. A number of videos also showed several shops being broken into and people running away with items. 

“Shocked to see the very emergency responders who rush to save lives being attacked while on duty. It’s truly baffling,” a caption of a video read, which showed a group of people attacking a fire engine. 

“More Scenes from Dublin. I’m confused are they Protesters, Rioters or Looters?” the caption of another post read. 

“I am so absolutely and utterly disgusted, devastated and ashamed at what’s unfolded in Dublin tonight. All I can hold on to is that these Irish people destroying our city are not what we stand for, and not who we stand with. #DublinRiots,” a user wrote while sharing the video of a bus on fire. 

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According to CNN, the commissioner of the gardai, as the Irish police are known, condemned the clashes as “disgraceful scenes” and blamed them on a “complete lunatic hooligan faction, driven by far-right ideology”. Mr Harris has directed officers to make arrests in response to the violence.

“We ask people to act responsibly, not to listen to misinformation and rumour that is circulating on social media,” the chief said, adding, “The facts are being established but the facts are still not clear, and a lot of the rumour and innuendo is being spread for malevolent purposes”. 

The man in his 50s was detained after the police said that he stabbed 5 people, including a 5-year-old girl who is currently receiving emergency treatment in the hospital with serious injuries. The incident took place in Parnell Square, in the city’s centre, according to the gardai. Cops have not revealed the nationality of the suspect. But rumours on social media about the nationality of the assailant helped fuel unrest following the attack. 

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