Friday, June 14, 2024
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Wind speed monitoring devices to be installed along high speed rail corridor

In up to 14 locations along the Mumbai–Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor, wind speed monitoring devices will be installed as strong winds have the potential to impact train operations.

The wind speed monitoring device, also known as an anemometer, is designed to provide real-time on wind speed data within the range of 0 to 252 kmph, and wind direction.

“The bullet train will traverse through coastal regions in the western part of the country, where wind speeds are particularly concentrated in certain areas. These strong winds have the potential to impact train operations on the viaduct,” a statement from National High Speed Rail Corridor Limited (NHSRCL) said.

The devices are being installed in five locations in Maharashtra – Desai Khadi, Ulhas river, Bangala Pada, Vaitarna river and in Dahanu suburb, and nine locations in Gujarat along Daman Ganga river, Par river, in the Navsari suburb, Tapi river, Narmada river, in the mid-section of Bharuch-Vadodara, Mahi river, Baraja and Sabarmati river.

These devices will specifically monitor wind speed, focusing on river bridges and areas prone to gusts. The Operation Control Centre (OCC) will monitor wind speeds through the anemometers installed at various locations.

“If wind speeds range from 72 kmph to 130 kmph, train speeds will be adjusted accordingly,” said the NHSRCL statement.

Last month, Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw had announced that the initial segment of the bullet train project, running from Bilimora to Surat, is expected to be completed by 2026.

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